Unlock full integration of Microsoft Azure Automation into your ServiceNow instance. Giving you the opportunity to utilize the power of Microsoft Azure Automation in your workflows from within ServiceNow.

If your organization is already familiar with Microsoft Orchestration or Azure Automation utilizing this app will enable you to easily create orchestration workflows using technologies that are already known to your organization. This makes the adaption swift, limits the need for technical training of staff, and enables you to easily reuse already created Runbooks. Using ServiceNow standard or premium reporting you can easily highlight and track your ROI in automation.

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Key application areas

  • Password Resets
  • Client software distribution
  • Update and patch management
  • Automate and accelerate processes
  • Creation and/or termination of users
  • Managing access, roles etc.
  • Creating virtual infrastructure
  • Reduce overall tasks and time consumption
  • Improve productivity
  • Works in on-premis, all cloud and hybrid scenarios

Technical feature

  • Import existing Automation Accounts, Runbooks and Jobs into ServiceNow.
  • Create, edit and publish your Runbooks directly from ServiceNow.
  • Support for both PowerShell, Python2 and Phyton3 scripting with syntax highlighting.
  • Full Hybrid Work Group support, enabling you to run your jobs on any Hybrid Worker in your infrastructure.
  • Initiate Jobs directly from the ServiceNow UI.
  • Follow up on progress of Jobs running in Azure from ServiceNow.
  • Capture Job output and incorporate it in your workflows and/or scripts.
  • Easily include Runbooks in your existing Workflows using standard ServiceNow Workflow editor.
  • Full support for ServiceNow Flow Designer.
  • Full support for Domain Seperation.