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We all know it; IT managers today are faced with the challenging tasks of shifting and balancing IT resources from running their day-to-day operations to launching new services that leads to improved efficiency and productivity – so, how to succeed with both?

Here at Automize we believe in combining the best from both worlds within the Microsoft cloud and the ServiceNow IT Service Management landscape.

Following that approach, we continue to enable innovation and optimize the management field – latest by developing a fully integrational application for Microsoft Azure Automation and your ServiceNow instance. See more info here.

So, what is this all about and how can my business benefit from all of this?

Azure Automation allows us to automate frequent and manual operational tasks across you IT environment and thereby freeing time and resources, allowing a shift of focus towards adding actual business value.

  • Monitor and manage updates and patches
  • Import and start existing runbooks
  • Reduce time consumption and manual errors by automating workflows
  • Schedule deployments on demand

The ServiceNow platform brings us the very best from the world of IT Service Management and Self-Service capabilities in the cloud.

  • Increase end-user experience
  • Get insights and visibility on a united IT platform
  • Move away from the classic reactive firefighting model
  • Optimize how you manage operational tasks and increase IT productivity

Haven’t seen the light yet or just curious to learn more? – Contact us for more info and start automating and optimizing your IT setup today.