Feedback App gives you the opportunity to change the content of the modals so that they best fit your purpose. You can change the content from the Footer of the Widget. Navigate to Service Portal -> Headers & Footers and find the “Automize Feedback Footer”. Open the record and from the body html template you can configure the different options. You can choose if you want the bug report button and the help button to be shown, the placement of the buttons, the messages on the modals and the style of the rating icons which you can choose between stars, smileys or thumbs up and down,


You can translate the messages appearing on the modals in any language supported by ServiceNow. Navigate to System Localization -> Translation Support -> Messages, create a new message record where in the Key field you will write the message in English, in the Language field you will choose the language in which you want the message to be translated and in the message field you have to write the translated version of the key.

feedback translate