Connect to your Active Directory from your ServiceNow instance and manage all resourses directly from ServiceNow. Control who has access to systems, applications and data resources across your enterprise and enable time limited membership. If your organisation is struggling to follow account permissions given to users and enforce security Rights Management App enables visibility into how users and group memberships are configured, their permissions and roles. With Rights Management App you can limit the access of users and admins with time limited memberships which will reduce risk and highten security.

Key application areas

  • Active Directory monitoring.

    With Active Directory Monitoring you get full overview of users, groups and memberships. Rights Management App gives you the advantage to know who has what access whenever you want from ServiceNow. You can monitor users permissions and detect malicious accounts with insecure configurations and activities. Before you had to have technical insight into your Active Directory to get the full overview which is a tedious task and the result is often outdated when the report is printed. Now with Rights Management App you have the ability of real-time monitoring of your Active Directory directly in ServiceNow and you can share it by using standard ServiceNow reporting or enforcing compliance on groups of you choosing.

  • Role based access

    In an Active Directory not all users would require access to all the systems, applications and data resourses in the network. This limitation of access is for security reasons, because critical resources could be misused in case a user has the wrong access. With Rights Management App we introduce the roles abstraction layer which controls access of users and groups and also can be used to collect groups required to carry out a certain role such as “Financial Control”, “IT Support” etc. This simplifies management access greatly.

  • Time limited membership

    In the same way that you want to control access of users, it is also important to have the ability of time limited membership so that you can limit administrators access. Having permanent administrators means permanent and uneccessary risk. With time limited membership administrators can have administrative access only when this is required. This reduces the risk and hightens transparence especially if you require a ticked or justification before the access is provided.

  • Password resets

    You can fully automate password resets with the use of Actions in Flow Designer thay are available with the Rights Management App. This will free up time in your service desk and will make the process easier.

  • Onboarding/ Offboarding
  • Automate everyday tasks with the use of flow designer
  • Enhance security with the use of the roles abstraction layer and time limited membership

Technical features

  • Get full overview of users, groups and memberships in your Active Directory
  • Predefined Flow Designer actions on groups, users and memberships