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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of accurate and complete data during the discovery process cannot be overstated. Organizations rely on discovering their cloud and on-premises configuration items to unlock substantial value, and the key to achieving this efficiently lies in leveraging advanced ServiceNow tools like the Automation App.

Effortless Discovery Across Cloud Platforms

The Automation App serves as a powerful ally in effortlessly identifying all your cloud configuration items. Whether you operate on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services, this tool provides a secure cloud-to-cloud connection, ensuring a seamless discovery process. What’s more, it goes beyond the cloud by allowing secure access to on-premises resources through Microsoft Azure Automation Hybrid Workers, operating within your infrastructure.

Overcoming Challenges in High Security Networks

For organizations grappling with the challenge of uncovering configuration items within high-security closed networks with no available internet connection, the Automation App is a game-changer. Users have successfully harnessed its potential to navigate and solve this complex issue, ensuring a comprehensive discovery process even in the most restricted environments.

Simplifying Discovery Setup with Runbook Templates

Setting up the discovery process has never been more accessible, thanks to the Automation App’s comprehensive selection of Runbook Templates. These templates, continually expanding to include integrations with vendors such as VMware, Cisco, Microsoft, and many others, provide a solid foundation for a streamlined discovery workflow. The Automation App empowers users to address diverse configurations with ease.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Data Volumes

As data volumes continue to grow, the need for an optimized discovery solution becomes paramount. Automation App efficiently offloads a substantial portion of the workload from your ServiceNow instance. It enables delta discoveries, focusing solely on updating new or modified configuration items in your Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This ensures that discoveries can be conducted during regular working hours without the fear of performance degradation due to the vast volume of data being uncovered.

Cost-Effective Integration

It’s noteworthy that the discovery of your Configuration Items with Automation App seamlessly integrates into your Automation App license, incurring no additional costs. This cost-effective approach allows organizations to harness the power of advanced discovery tools without worrying about budget constraints.

In conclusion, the Automation App emerges as a transformative solution, emphasizing the significance of data accuracy and completeness in the discovery process. By effortlessly navigating diverse cloud platforms, overcoming security challenges, simplifying setup with templates, and offering scalable solutions, it proves to be an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of their configuration items. Embrace the future of discovery with Automation App and ensure your organization stays ahead in the data-driven landscape.